How sindhi marriages work

1 - "Understanding Requirements" : Your Select Service Advisor interacts with you to understand you & your expectations from a life partner.

2 - Profile Creation : The feedback from the interaction is used to enhance your profile.

3 - Finding Matches : The best matches are handpicked after screening thousands of profiles and are sent to you for approval.

4 - Connecting with Prospects : Your Select Service Advisor connects with the prospects you are interested in & obtains their feedback.

5 - Arranging Meetings : Once both parties show mutual interest, your Select Service Advisor organizes a meeting at a convenient time and location.


1 - Personalised attention from a highly experienced & qualified Select Service Advisor.

2 - Profile enhancement on to help you put your best foot forward.

3 - Partner search driven by Select Service Advisor expertise combined with superior technology.

4 - Carefully handpicked matches that meet your unique partner preferences.

5 - Quicker responses from prospects to accelerate your partner search.

6 - Introductions and Meetings with interested prospects to take things forward.